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Winter Wellness- Workshop

By ReginaArabia Yoga

MON JAN 17, 2022

Ayurvedic Yoga Seasonal Workshops - Winter 2022

What do you receive when joining a yoga class to balance the effects of the winter season?

1) You learn more about Doshas and Gunas.

2) You practice poses and pranayama that enhance balance, healing, grounding and warming.

3) Understand the principle of opposites and how to apply on and off the mat.

4) Observe your unique nature and seasonal imbalances.

5) Have fun and enjoy community support.

6) Learn about powerful herbs and spices.

As the seasons change and different qualities are introduced into our environment, this can also cause imbalance. We can adapt to the seasons by inviting in opposing gunas. Think cooling foods and activities during the summer (pitta season). Fall is predominantly vata, so introduce things that are warming, grounding, and nourishing. Winter is both vata (earlier) and kapha (later), and spring is kapha time, so think warmer, faster, and dryer to bring balance to kapha.

I am so excited to share this workshop /class with you.


Thursday January 20

9:00 am EST. until 10:00am

Where: Yoga virtual studio

Please register.

Receive your zoom link upon registration.

Class is open to all levels of practitioners.

If you are a Class Pass Holder, it is included in your pass.

Or you may join one time class..