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Must 3 Easy Practices ❇️❇️❇️

By ReginaArabia Yoga

FRI DEC 10, 2021


If you are not familiar with the word Dinacharya, it stands for daily self-care routine in Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.

It is a practice to help balance health and enhance well being. Although there are general recommendations for Dinacharya, it can further be individualized to each one's needs.

To make it a routine, it takes discipline and heart.

Imagine if you did not have the habit of brushing your teeth, what would happen in a long run to the health of your mouth

Follows the 3 must, simple and effective in my daily routine and why they are beneficial.


1) Tongue Scrapping: A tool designed to scrappe the tongue, used first thing in the morning. It takes less then a minute to use.

Benefits: Apart from eliminating toxins released during sleep, enhances the sense of taste, improves digestion,

gently stimulates the internal organs

2) Drink Warm Water and Lemon/Water and Fresh Ginger or a combination of squeezed lemon and grated ginger.

Benefits: Hydrates de body from hours without drinking water. It stimulates digestion and elimination.

Tip: Lemon is warming, lime is cooling for the folks that tend to feel warm all the time.

3) Oil Massage

Body oil massage before the shower.

Also known as Abhyanga.

From longer massages to short massages to just feet and hands, oil massage have a load of benefits. Follows a few of them.

  • It calms the nerves.
  • Increases the level of alertness and stamina. Boosts metabolism, nourishes the skin.
  • Better, Deeper Sleep at night when done shortly before bed, followed by a warm bath.

Interested in customizing your self-care routine and learn more about these practices ?

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