"Yoga as a path to healing and freedom"

"Quando comecei a ter aula de Yoga com a Regina, eu tinha pouca flexibilidade e confianca. Agora que frequento as aulas há mais de 1 ano,vejo o quanto já progredi,não só em termos de flexibilidade,mas também o quanto tem ajudado a minha saúde mental, especialmente durante o início da pandemia. Sinto-me mais forte, positiva e o meu corpo está mais relaxado.Regina é uma instrutora atenciosa,paciente e inspiradora. A meditação que ela nos guia, auxilia a nossa mente e nos prepara para a aula de forma prazeirosa."
"When I started Yoga with Regina, I had less flexibility and confidence. After more than a year, I noticed how much I have progressed in my practice in terms of flexibility, but how much it helps my mental health, specially during this year of pandemic. I feel stronger, more positive, and my body more relaxed. Regina is a caring instructor, patient and inspiring. The centering meditation at the beginning of the class, prepares us mentally in a very pleasant way for the class and practice."
-- Isabel V.

My inspiration for the day are your classes, I feel complete and full of energy in my body and soul. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to have your presence in my life. Even my husband feels the diference if I have to miss the class, and makes all the effort for my attendance. The good side of the pandemic is that it makes it easier for me to take these classes, which otherwise would be difficult. I am so grateful for this experience.

-- Carol L.

"I have been practicing yoga with Regina for about five years and am completely addicted to her wonderful classes and to her spirited and mindful approach to teaching. I have long appreciated the benefits of her instruction to my physical and mental well-being.  But this winter when I was cross-country skiing, I recognized another benefit.  My body felt like a well-oiled machine! I can only attribute my core strength, flexibility in my hips, and overall balance to Regina’s well-rounded practice. Thank you Regina"
--Debbie VB
"I have recruited executives for major corporations for more than 20 years. I know leadership, potential and innovation when I see it, and I see it in Regina. I think she will be able to build her business significantly, in her own vision and in service to others, and that she will do it to great success. She is inspiring, intuitive, genuine and know her craft with an abundance of knowledge. It is a pleasure to work with Regina and I am happy to help her in any way as she pursues her passion."
--Susan S.

"As always, thanks for guiding our practice and the love and caring you show me and all the yogis. You have been, and remains, a bright spot in an unprecedented year, with more to come".

-- Alexis V.
"From the omment I walked into Regina’s studio, I felt embraced by the container of healing and calm. I immediately surrendered into her guidance and was transported into a place of relaxation by the sound of her voice. This I credit to her bountiful spirit to give and create a safe space for her clients to do deep body work. Regina is tremendously gifted in guiding the body to release what’s being held and to find ways of giving her clients permission to breath deeper into the spaces that need it. I came to her with specific tension and back weakness that was needing support and she put together specific and catered asanas to help alleviate this tension which it did in spades. In particular her focus on the breath and releasing any unconscious holding were paramount in my session. Even being a professional opera singer I still require reminding of how much deeper my breath can aid me in supporting my body. I can state with solid confidence that Regina is a healing guide for the body and soul and all who have the opportunity to work with her would benefit greatly by her gifts."
--Maeve H.
"I have been practicing yoga with Regina for almost 6 years and her loving guidance and teachings have unlocked not only my body but also my soul. After experiencing so many profound shifts in my life, I talked my husband into practicing yoga with me in the comfort of our house. First he was very skeptical, but now he is so hooked to our yoga class, that he becomes moody when we have to miss it . Even my 5 year old daughter joined us, making it our Sunday mornings family practice. Regina is a very knowledgeable teacher, she leads us from the very first beginning stages of the yoga world, to more challenging and vigorous practices.
--Bibiana P.
I first met Regina at one of her workshops. I had never done either yoga,  meditation, or sound healing workshops before.  It was just a few months after my move from Brazil to the United States. I was dealing with stress and anxiety due to this big change in my life. I had an awakening moment during that workshop and since then, I fell in love with yoga. Her classes are for me, that unique moment every week that I am in full contact with my body and soul, finding since the balance and peace I was craving for in which I try to bring to my life off the mat.
--Monica M

Regina has had excellent feedback on her instruction and on her vivacious and caring personality from both members and the client at our luxury property in White Plains. She's been professional and helped to manage all local logistics seamlessly while even going above and beyond to share suggestions from members on how to improve the service offering. I cannot recommend her enough.
--Alex Shinkarovsky, YogaBreak NYC.