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Is aromatherapy your thing? 🌿 Join us live.

By ReginaArabia Yoga

WED OCT 13, 2021


Today when preparing for Namasfriday ,I came across a reading from the book - "Faça Yoga Antes Que VocĂȘ Precise" "Practice Yoga Before You Must" by Mestre De Rose.

The use of aromatherapy is ancient, monks discovered that sweet fragrances were effective for suppressing the appetite during fasting periods in the Monastery.

Also they noticed that certain aromas were aiding in treatment of certain diseases. Reminding the readers about the well known effect of eucalyptus to alleviate congestion.

On the other hand a nauseating smell will immediately cause an upset stomach.

Scents and fragrances like sandalwood and myrrh are mentioned in the Vedas. Oils were used in ancient Egypt such as frankincense for both purification and perfumery.

Perhaps you may find inspiration in blending your own exclusive combination of scents, which I found can be fun and useful.

What I have learned about blending.

  • We start by selecting a carrier oil.

Jojoba, almond are comum choices.

Jojoba oil has natural antioxidants and makes an excellent carrier oil since it also has a neutral scent base.

My favorite oil for Abhyanga ( self-care massage) is sesame oil which is used for a warming effect.

  • About the essential oils

Look for pure essential oils—wild or organic where possible, and “therapeutic grade” if you want the highest quality. Read the properties for information on contraindications and safe use.

  • You’ll need an amber glass bottle and a cap with a reducer, available from most essential oil suppliers. Using recycled supplies? Be sure to sterilize with boiling water and dry thoroughly.

It is about delivering to our pituitary membrane a sense of well being and a special stimulus of calm, uplift, contentment and ease.

This was helpful? Want to hear more self-care tips?

Join us live this Friday, October 15 9:30 am.


Learn a self-care massage with oils and movement to unwind.

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