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Dinacharya, a positive approach! Summer Update ūüĆľ

By ReginaArabia Yoga

WED JUL 07, 2021

Dinacharya translates as Ayuvedic self-care practice. It is ideally done in the morning, with the intention to integrate healthy habits. These habits are very nourishing for the body, clearing and calming for the mind.

Quoting Dr Vasant Lad: A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change in body, mind and consciousness. Routine helps to establish balance in one's constitution.

I can attest to that, since 2014, when introduced to Dinacharya. I have discovered how supportive it can be, particularly while riding the waves during challenging times.

We are creatures of habits and to be rewarded with health, energy and clarity are priceless gifts.

Here are some Ayurvedic Daily Routine Reminders:

Wake up with or before the Sun rises is ideal.

  1. Gratitude practice, prayer before leaving the bed.
  2. Tongue Scraper to remove toxins form tongue and stimulate digestion.
  3. Nasya Oil to lubricate the nasal tissues and calm the senses. Or
  4. Neti Pot, to help clear congestion from the nasal passages.
  5. Drink water in the morning, room temperature or warm in winter with some drops of lemon or lime.
  6. Gargling with water and salt, or sesame oil.
  7. Abhyanga(self-care oil massage) and bathing.
  8. Yoga, pranayama and meditation. Walk or Gentle Stretches.