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About anxiety. Tools to manage ūüíü

By ReginaArabia Yoga

MON AUG 16, 2021


During the last 17-18 months the topic related to anxiety, was brought to my awareness more frequently than ever before.

As constant change became the normal we dealt with fears of the unknown and feelings of isolation.

For a long time, I knew the practice of yoga was helpful to manage anxiety, as it cured my own tension induced head aches more than 20 years ago.

Below you will find a helpful break down of how yoga can manage anxiety.

Please note, that if you are currently dealing with high levels of anxiety, seek advice from your doctor or professional health care from the field.

Powerful tools of YOGA ūüēČ

1) Relaxed breathing techniques - to counter the effects of constriction, obstruction on breathing generally caused by anxiety.

2) Relaxation practice with mantra, positive affirmation or words of inspiration.

3) Bring the mind to a resting place, builds inner strength.

4) Practice of contemplation. A tool to help see that fear is not permanent. We can work with this passing phenomenon, learning how to control.

The practice builds resilience and with time it translates into our daily lives. Breath control will became second nature, helping us navigate life with more ease and joy.

Just keep showing up for time on the mat.