Yoga Classes

United States Military Academy Men's Soccer Team

United States Military Academy Men's Soccer Team

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for athletes, can be the perfect antidote to balance the high demands of competitive sport. 

  • It helps the athlete to develop awareness to the mind/body connection.

  • It increases focus and concentration.

  • It invites the athlete to notice areas of overuse or underuse, as well as misuse.

  • Targets specific yoga techniques and scientific approach that can help manage pain and reduce the chance of injuries.

  • Introduces controlled breathing techniques and meditative states to pacify stress.


Private Yoga (One-on-One) or Semi-Private ( 2 )

Deepening the practice with alignment based one-on- one.

Deepening the practice with alignment based one-on- one.

Private Yoga classes are offered with undivided attention. They propel your practice development to the next level, building confidence for a safe and fluid practice.

Besides the physical practice, one-on one sessions will explore guided meditation techniques, aromatherapy and mini yoga nidra technique to promote relaxation.

Convenient hours and location can be set up, to alleviate your busy schedules.


Beach yoga vinyasa flow.

Beach yoga vinyasa flow.

Group Yoga

This option is ideal for a group that prefer practicing with friends, family or co-workers in a supportive community setting. Location and schedule are set up to suit the students. 

Regina will help your group build a joyful and exciting yoga journey. Among the themes, students can explore vinyasa flow style, yoga and Ayurveda tips for self-care, therapeutical yoga, the chakra series. You will experience that extra little care and attention as she designs each class with your group in mind. 

The programs are built into a series of 5 sessions at a time.