Yoga + Prana +Meditation:
integrative practices with Regina Arabia, RYT500

If life is an experience with the solo purpose of remembering we are one with the Universe, let's rock this experience with daily yoga.  


Yoga for Athletes

 As an integrative practice, yoga helps develop a focused mind while improving flexibility, balance and strength in the body.

Regina's approach to teaching yoga to athletes is to methodically use techniques that release tension or tightness to create space, fluidity for the joints, better posture alignment for the body, as we build a confident practice and wholesome experience.

 "Yoga isn't just about the body, it's also about the mind, and it's a technique that has really helped me,"  Lebron James

For inquiries contact Regina Arabia RYT 500


Yoga Workshops

Regina has created many offerings in a workshop format specially designed for Yoga enhanced by Sound Therapy. They were the first of its kind to be lead in the Westchester County and Greenwhich areas. In collaboration with sound healers Rowena Zabrodsky, Kimberly Kuppenheimer and Karin Reetz, these workshops combine the modalities of slow flow yoga movement, sound healing and meditation.

Regina also leads workshops for beginners, meditation and vision boards with Cris Chiavenato. In collaboration with Laura Parisi, our signature workshop “Harmonizing with the Seasons”, is offered as a yoga and nutrition mini-retreat, focusing in yoga for self care and nutrition for optimal health.


Private, Semi-Private, and Group Classes

Regina is a master of creating customized programs and series for private, semi-private and small group classes. 

The programs or series, will help the students target their specific need or goals. With attention to posture alignment, pranayama (breathing techniques), these empowering practices will help the students to deepen their yoga journey with mindful focus, enhancing overall balance and wellbeing. 

For more information please contact Regina.