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How are you this Autumn Season so far? Test included. ūüĆĺ

By ReginaArabia Yoga

THU OCT 14, 2021

Hope that you get a spark of curiosit learning a bit more about yourself according to Ayurveda. Check out the Vrikutri test bellow.

Ayurveda views each one of us as a combination of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Space, Fire.

The 5 elements are combined in sets of 2, called the doshas. Vata(air and space) Pitta (fire and water) Kapha (earth and water).

The test bellow will help us understand our current state of imbalances that can change within the hour, the day, the seasons or stage of life. Isn't it amazing?

Answer how you have been feeling in the last month to so.


1. I have been feeling nervous, fearful, panic, anxious or frantic.

2. When I fall asleep my body makes sudden twitches, I am restless, or I fidget during the day.

3. My skin is dry and chaps easily and can be flaky.

4. My weight goes up and down by more than 10 pounds during the year.

5. My bowels are not regular with daily evacuations. The stool can be irregular in shape, hard and dry.

6. My sleep is light, irregular, restless or interrupted.

7. I feel more scattered or spacey, and sometimes have poor memory retention/recall.

8. My daily routine; walking, eating meals, sleep, has been inconsistent day to day.

9. My hands and feet are often cooler than the rest of my body.

10. I have a hard time tolerating loud noises and/or sudden movements.

VATA SCORE :__________

1. I get acid reflux, heartburn, acid indigestion or gastric or peptic ulcer. Sometimes I might describe that I
have a burning feeling in my stomach or digestive tract.

2. I wake up a little nauseated or I feel uncomfortable or nauseas when I skip a meal.

3. I have been feeling uncomfortably warm, where others seem to be just fine.

4. I can be easily judgmental or self critical, impatient and intolerant with myself/ others.

5. I tend to have inflammation issues; joints, fevers, red eyes, acne.

6. I expect perfection of myself and/or others; or I can be a little compulsive.

7. I get cold sores, fever blisters or other ‚Äėmystery‚Äô skin rashes.

8. Sometimes I have loose stools, or move my bowels more than twice a day.

9. I get hot easily, or I have been having hot flashes or low grade fevers.

10. I am told that I am too passionate or intense.

PITTA SCORE:__________________

1. I feel I am overweight and it takes time for me to really loose weight.

2. I have a thick white coat on my tongue when I wake up.

3. I tend to have excess mucous in my lungs and body. When sick I am usually congested.

4. I seem to have more clutter in my life and have to let go of things, people, or relationships even when they no longer support me.

5. I have a hard time getting up in the morning. I like to take a mid day nap.

6. I am prone to excessive emotional eating.

7. I like the sweet taste: honey, sugary foods, sweet drinks and fruits.

8. My bowel movements tend to be slow, heavy, move sluggishly, feel incomplete.

9. I don’t like conflict, and would rather just withdraw than engage.

10. I am slow to change: I feel complacent, stubborn and resistant to change.

KAPHA SCORE:____________________

If you had a higher Vata than either Pitta or Kapha then you need to focus on pacifying Vata dosha or air element. If your Pitta was the high score, even if it ties with Vata, you will need to pacify your fire a bit. Now if your Kapha was the high score, or tied with one or two others then you need

to pay attention to pacifying this dosha or Earth and Water elements.